Pippin's web page

Here you can find the few random things I've put here.

Comic links
What I read in my spare time (and not-so-spare time).
The Class Etymology
A series of punning "Class Menagerie" fanfics of which I wrote a couple.
Some scribblings I'm not too embarrassed to show to the world.
My Favourite Fursuits
I'm an ardent fursuit admirer; here are links to those which particularly tickle my fancy.
Eurofurence 8 diary
The start of my cartoon diary of my visit to Eurofurence 8. Done along the same lines as the Kinky Turtle's diaries.
Fursuit Sighting at LinuxExpoUK 2002
Yes, I actually saw a fursuit in a non-furry situation. I took photos, too.
My player
Something about the guy who thinks he made me up.
Pippin's paws
Some quick pictures of my first completed fursuit part (other than the tail I wore at Eurofurence).

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