Favourite online comics

I admit it. I'm addicted to reading online comics. Here are my faviourites.

The Class Menagerie
A mismatched selection of anthropomorphic animals lives in a university residence block. Great art, fun storylines, although I sometimes find I don't get the jokes.
A consistently funny and good-natured strip which has been running with a continuous unbroken storyline since its start in March 1998. One of my most favourite, since it has both furry and science fiction themes, and, what's more, is a joy to look at.
The Suburban Jungle
One of the furriest strips I've come across, with some great imagination going into it and an especially broad cast of characters.
Framed!!!'s early era is very funny. It's all about some real-life people getting trapped in a comic-book universe. Nicely drawn, and the author really knows how to use the fourth wall.
Triangle and Robert
Just shows what can be done without having to have wizardly artistic skills. On the other hand, wizardly story-telling skills help make up the deficit. Again, the early stuff is better -- and you certainly won't understand the later stuff without it.
Funny Farm
Partly furry, partly funny, a little hard to look at, but quite good anyway.
Daily satire on the machinations of clueless management. It's also the home of Dogbert the evil management consultant, Catbert the evil director of human resources (or "livestock" as he'd prefer to call them) and Ratbert the gormless.
A fun, Garfieldesque tale of a boy, his billion-dollar software company, his grampa and his talking duck.
The Makeshift Miracle
Breathtaking art, intriguing storyline, but it's moving too slowly to follow easily. Since it's gone subscription-based recently, I'm going off it.
Sabrina Online
Definitely not for small children. Sabrina the skunk works as a web designer at an adult film studio. The story revolves around Sabrina, her newly-married roommate, her boyfriend, her annoyingly extrovert boss, and her Amiga. The only downside is that this one only comes out monthly.

Pippin // Wed Nov 22 17:07:52 2006 GMT