My Favourite Fursuits

Yep, there are lots of them! I like fursuits!

(So many, in fact, that I haven't yet had time to write something about all of them . . .)

Unci's tail
Strictly speaking, a tail alone does not a fursuit make. Unci's tail-building page was, however, my introduction to the wonderfully interesting world of fursuiting, so I think it's appropriate to include it here.
Since Unci has apparently lost his original tail-making page, the link points to Giza's helpfully reconstituted version.
It was also through Unci's web pages that I discovered the delights of going free-pawed (known outside furry as barefooting).
Jamie Wolf
Jamie's player is now known as Atpaw, but his Jamie Wolf fursuit was the first proper fursuit I became aware of. By today's standards, Jamie looks a little less than perfect, but it's pretty darn good for the era. The general standard of fursuit construction has surged forward over the last few years; I can't wait to see what's coming up next!
He'tah the Cheetah
Atpaw's more recent creation, a full-body cheetah. When he first took He'tah out for a run round town, people didn't believe he'd built the suit himself. I can believe that! The head, especially, is of nicely realistic proportions.
Widge the Rat
Widge was created by Nicodemus. With a name like Nicodemus, how could he not build a ratsuit? It seems Widge was successful, and he looks fine, but the main reason for mentioning him here is Nico's fursuiting website, one of the most comprehensive sources of fursuiting information out there.
Igneous the Gargoyle
One of Nicodemus's more recent suits, it's a gargoyle and really does look as though it's made of stone. It's a great demonstration of the difference your selection of materials can make.
Schreber the Skunk
Skunki is a long-time fursuiter. I think he was somewhat narced by the accusations he received in the wake of the coverage he got from Eurotrash, and he seems no longer to have the mascot-style full-body Marylen's skunk-suit that was the focus of all the publicity, and instead has a rather less toony, partial skunk fursuit, which I happen to think is most cool.
Kun the Dog
The Japanese seem to have a tradition of "kigurumi", which seems to be similar to fursuiting, except that it's considerably more mainstream. (I don't know what kigurumi's relation is to cosplay; for all I know, it's possible they are the same thing.) Kun has made a very nice doggy.
Skonishi Syumi the Weird and Wonderful Alien Cat-Thing
This one is the creation of a Japanese cosplayer/fursuiter and described only in Japanese, so I don't know anything about this zoot other than that it exists. Looks nice, though.
Marrok the Werewolf
Wow! Now we're getting into serious realism. Marrok has totally overhauled his werewolf costume at least three times and seems to tweak at least something every other month, and his attention to detail has paid off.
Legend the Griffin
Legend's big claim to fame is his wingpack. That's not to say the rest of his suit isn't any good -- it is. Sadly, though, it doesn't seem to be quite finished yet. Legend has apparently been improving the wingpack design since he last updated his own page; a more up-to-date wingpack can be seen on Cryalith's wings page.
Ace the Border Collie Puppy
Legend's wingpacks seem to be all over the place nowadays, and Diadexxus has one for her winged white tiger, Diadexxus. Good as the Diadexxus suit is, I can't say it's a real favourite of mine. However, just for looks, I prefer her border collie, Ace, who is wonderfully cute.
Alopex the Fox
Alopex has taken the "low-tech" fursuiting style a step further. He hasn't invented any revolutionary new techniques, but a few good ideas combined with good design make Alopex II one of the most convincing fursuits I know of. Take a look at this head-shot to see what I mean.
Petora the Wolf
Another approach in the low-tech school, Petorawolf has a different answer to the problem of creating a form-fitting furry second skin which neither restricts movement nor goes baggy. His paw design is interesting too.
Falstaff just looks excellent and is quite believable, especially in static photos. He's a bit too toony for my tastes, but the excellent character design means Falstaff (created by J Willard) makes my favourites list anyway. I haven't yet found a proper web page about this suit, so I just link to the best photo I've seen of him. I made a print of this photo to frame and hang on my wall... did I mention I like this fursuit?
Ashitare the Werewolf
Another strong character, Ashitare has been lifted from the Fushigi Yuugi anime series. Nice and realistic, Ashitare also has only one good eye, the other being a cross-shaped scar. Disabilities of any kind is somewhat rare in fursuits, for the obvious reason that most costumers are interested in portraying a more idealised character. Something out of the ordinary, though, can enhance characterisation - remember the one-armed shopkeeper in The Simpsons?

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