[ Foxie ]I've always wanted to be able to draw well. I used to occasionally try doodling, only to find that it looked like rubbish and promptly give up. It's only recently that I've been able to muster sufficient patience to really put in the practice necessary to get results.

Here are a few of my recent doodlings, together with a bit of commentary.


[ Fox sketch ]I rather like foxes but I don't seem to be blessed with the ability to draw them properly. I'm trying to put that right by practicing drawing lots of foxies. It seems to be working! To the right is one of my latest attempts; I'm getting closer, I think!

The Class Menagerie

I fell in love with The Class Menagerie when I first saw it in mid-2001. Rebel O. Vile posted its URL to the london-furs mailing list back in June. I looked, and I was hooked.

I recently tried drawing some of the characters. I'd tried before with little success, but this time they just seemed to come out right. This picture was done as an experiment. I tried to draw each character twice with no differences between the two copies other than the upper eyelid. The idea was to find out how much the expression changes if you just move the character's upper eyelid. The answer, it turns out, is "a lot".

Interestingly, most of the characters look surprised with their eyes fully open. Mikey is the exception; he looks normal. Normal for him, that is...

[ TCM characters in profile ]

Here's a trial-run of Scott. I tried inking this with a permanent OHP marker instead of a biro. It worked nicely, not requiring the back-and-forth scrubbing action that biro requires to get a solid line. Unfortunately, the ink bled rather unattractively through the paper... I had a clipboard under the paper, so nothing important got inky, but OHP pens probably let more ink out than normal ones, so I expect I shall be going shopping for a non-OHP fine-line black marker in the near future.

[ Scott in profile ]

The Class Conspiracy

I joined forces with Hallan, Timber Bram, Alfador, n/k, SJ, Kat, KK, Sniper3 and IvicaF to give Vince Suzukawa a break from drawing The Class Menagerie over the 2001/2 Xmas break. I drew a few of the strips, which were shown on 26 December, 27 December, and 1 January. I also coloured SJ's strip for 30 December.

Do take a look at the rest of the Conspiracy's strips, too; they start on 24 December.


Now, some pictures of my furry persona, Pippin. This first one I'm really happy with. I spent ages tweaking it at the pencil stage, and this is one picture that really does look as I intended it to. It's me on a good day.

[ Pippin wearing broad grin ]

And here's what I tend to feel like just after waking up. I'm not good with mornings. It takes me a good couple of hours to come out of hibernation. I also have an uninked version of this picture.

I'm not so happy with this one; I've drawn my snout rather too long and a rather weird shape.

[ Pippin having just woken up ]


A fox I drew, who, by accident, looks a bit like Thomas Woolfe from Sabrina Online.

[ Another foxie ]

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