The Class Etymology: Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted

It was a quiet day in Rhicter 3rd. This was not a good thing, as it meant that the universe was just saving up for something later. Generally something along the lines of an attack by hordes of giant killer robot ants, or that clothesdryer thing last week. This time it was none of those things, this time it was something far more evil, far more insidious, but much less destructive to property. This time it was Fanfiction. And it all started with something as seemingly innocent as Kevin sitting in the student lounge reading a copy of the school newspaper.

"Hey, Cindy, do you remember that blonde rabbit who kept bothering Tony awhile back? Kinda short, sublte like an anvil, gave cheerleading a bad name?"

Cindy looked up from the Chemistry notes she had spread over the card table in the corner. "Kim Greenwald?"

"That's the one."

"Yes, I remember her. Why?" Clearly Cindy more than remembered, she had just, without apparently noticing, snapped in half the perfectly blameless pencil she was holding.

"Well, Kim is in this week's school paper. It seems as captain of the cheerleading squad it's her responibility to orgainze fund raisers for the team. So this year she decided to hold a Chinese new Year festival and have booths selling mooncakes and paper lanterns and stuff."

"I didn't know it was near the Chinese New Year," commented Cindy.

"It's not. People kept pointing this out to Kim, but she kept insisting that since the Chinese New Year wasn't anytime near the *real* new year that it didn't matter. Apparently this was so annoying it drove away anyone who might have thought of buying. Finally the cheerleader maning the baked good sstall got so angry she started pelting Kim with her wares. There's even a picture," Kevin seperated a sheet of newsprint and held it up, there was indeed a picture. A wonderfull action shot four collums wide, right under the headline


Octapus // first posted 01-24-2002 07:26 PM PT